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Honda S2000: Supercharger Package

Complete Supercharger with After-cooler kit shown in photo.
Supercharger kit shown
After-cooler shown

If you are looking to transform your S2000, the CT Engineering After-Cooled Supercharger kits are a great start. Utilizing the benefits of a centrifugal supercharger, designed to match the factory power characteristics of the high revving Honda 2.0L and 2.2L power plants. The CT Engineering Supercharger kits will add more power to your S2000 at the higher RPM's, keeping the car drivable in traffic & day-to-day driving, but throttle the engine to redline & you'll feel the burst of acceleration from the additional 70-80 horsepower at the rear wheels.  This base kit is CARB approved for street use in CA.

The kit includes the blower unit, icebox intake with a carbon fiber lid, all mounting brackets, fuel system upgrades (including an in tank Fuel Pump & CT Engineering FPR), all hoses & drive belt and the CT Engineering ACM unit with wiring harness. 310-320 horsepower at the crank. Utilizes a very efficient gear driven centrifugal supercharger and is a simple bolt on kit.


New 1220SL blower unit provides more efficent boost pressure, and the ability to increase power easily with additional upgrades.

Kit does not require that you bend or modify your vehicle to fit.

Cooler housing designed with popular blow-off valve bolt pattern on by-pass valve outlet, for those who want to run higher than standard boost levels. This kit is designed so that it can be removed without any modifications to the factory components.
Included After-cooler lowers inlet temps by 50-70 degrees F.
Highly efficient cooler unit losses less than 0.5psi boost.

After-cooled kits also include after-cooler, after-cooler radiator, water pump, and all necessary hardware.
Note: Warranty is void w/ higher than standard boost level.
Requires $200 for a core charge for the factory crank pulley, which will be refunded upon return of a undamaged stock crank pulley.


Supercharger Kit - Aftercooled (06-09 S2000)
Supercharger Kit - Aftercooled (04-05 S2000)
Supercharger Kit - Aftercooled (02-03 S2000)
Supercharger Kit - Aftercooled (00-01 S2000)
  S2000 Novi 1220SL Supercharger Oil
  Competition Reinforced Differential Housing (S2000)
  Replacement Blower Drive Pulley (S2K S/C)
  Air Filter Replacement (Icebox)
  Spark Plug - DENSO IRIDIUM (IK24)
  Hondata FlashPro Upgrade